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Sleep is my love language.


I bring sleep back into your families life so your entire family wakes up happy, healthy, fulfilled and energized !

Need SLEEP, but not sure where to start?

Let's chat, it is FREE!

My 20 minute Sleep Evaluation call is a great place to quickly find out your options.



Hi, I'm Janelle! I am a fully trained top-rated Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant who partners with parents to teach babies and kiddos how to sleep through the night and take restful naps so everyone can catch some zzz's!


Like all other skills, healthy sleep skills need to be taught. If you're ready for a clear, easy-to-follow plan that is customized to your family’s need, I will help you teach your child the skills necessary to happily sleep through the night (and take long, restful naps during the day.


Here's everything you need to know about setting up a private consultation with me..

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Real Results

When I contacted Janelle, I was in a world of trouble, with my baby waking every 30 min overnight and I had resorted to bringing her into the bed and essentially nursing all night. I had no idea what to do. During the day, she was miserable all the time and we would spend 40 min battling to get her down for what I knew would be a 20 min nap. But I knew she would at least be a little happier after that nap, so I continued with that battle with no idea what I was really doing. Once she would nap, I would hide in a corner in fetal position, praying she would sleep at little longer. I couldn’t get anything done and my anxiety was through the roof. Janelle saved me and my family and gave me the tools to get my baby to sleep through the night with age appropriate feedings and take age appropriate naps. She was such a great support to me through the two week program and always promptly answered all my questions. She explained everything that we were doing. Now my baby goes down for naps without a fight and we are all so much happier. Once week into the program, my baby started to roll and her development has progressed so much since she is getting enough sleep. I can’t recommend Janelle enough if you are having trouble with your babies sleep.

Morgan D. 

I have to admit I was bit skeptical at first!

but must say the program is nothing short of a miracle…Our little baby was 5 1/2 months when we did it, and its changed all of our lives.

Ryder sleeps thru the nite and naps like a baby! Prior, he was up to nurse 4-5 times a nite and had never really slept in his crib during the day to nap .. I had to either rock him or nap with him on me .. turns out the little guy loves to be in his crib! My deepest thanks.*

Dr. Jenny G. 

I cannot thank you enough for giving me the gift of sleep! Two days before my son turned 9 months old, I was at my wits end and felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. I had not had more than 4 hours straight of sleep in a year, and was truly exhausted. It affected my home life, my relationships with friends, and especially the quality of my work at my job.

My son had never slept more than 5 or 6 hours straight, but at 6 months old he began to wake up every 3-4 hours. I honestly thought he was just hungry, but didn’t realize I was setting him and myself up for sleep failures. Well, he is now 9 months old. As of last night, which was night # 8, on your sleep program, Christian slept for 10 1/2 hours straight! He woke up one time, cried for about 30 seconds, and was back asleep before I could even open my eyes to check the time. By night 3, he was sleeping 9 hours, which was amazing to me. Because I was so accustomed to waking up throughout the night, I can’t even sleep past 4:30 am now, but I know that it will take some time for my body to realize that it can truly rest again.

Thank you for giving me my me-time back in the evenings, for giving me sleep back at night, and for teaching me how to be a better parent. We are all much happier now, and I am even back to working out in the mornings while Christian sleeps. At this point, I am telling EVERY parent that I know about your program. It was well worth every cent and more!*

Gayle D.

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