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About Me

“You look like you could use a good night’s sleep!”

If you are a parent who has read all the information there is about children and sleep via Google searches and books and tried advice off of Moms Groups and are still confused, going deeper into survival mode and are in need of specific guidance on how to get your child sleeping well, you are in the right place. 

Spending your days trying to get your little one to nap and the nights frustrated, arguing about who's turn it is next to rock baby to sleep or walk your toddler back to bed for the 50th time is EXHAUSTING ! 

This exhaustion takes its toll on your patience, mood , energy levels and takes time away from you actually enjoying time with your little one. The feeling of constantly failing and feeling helpless is a tough spot to be in and often isolating.


Sleep deprivation is often seen as a right of passage into parenthood and I am here to tell you it absolutely does not need to be that way. 

I'm Janelle Drew, a certified pediatric sleep consultant who has been in practice for over ten years. I am the go to expert to improving sleep in your life!

Thirteen years ago I started each night in despair as I walked my baby to the bedroom and into what I knew would be a sleepless night. An amazing husband, four babes and one fur baby later is how this began the journey of creating Hello Sleepyhead.


What I’ll provide you aren’t just any methods that you can find anywhere on the Internet. Instead, you’ll receive tools, guidance, and unconditional support based on the latest in pediatric sleep science. I’ll teach you everything I know– biological timing, scheduling, eliminating sleep props, and setting up the right environment so you can regain freedom back into your life and do what your love all while feeling happy, rejuvenated and well rested EVERY. DAY. 

With my solid plan, and strategies, your child will learn independent sleep skills so that they are not needing to be rocked, bounced, and fed to sleep. I give you the tools to help with your toddler's bedtime stalling tactics and help ease the anxiety that creeps in as the evening rolls around.

Every day, I teach amazing parents like you that with the right support, a plan and the drive, you can accomplish ANYthing you desire. And I am living proof.

Many have even called it LIFE CHANGING!


Ready to have your evenings back, have more energy, and your entire family feel rested and happier?

For your free 20 minute consultation (or to book and appointment) you can call 708 205 7489 or email


Xoxo, ​


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