Sleeping Newborn

Prenatal And Newborn Sleep Solutions

I know. You’re totally exhausted. And CRANKY and eXhILaRaTed and freaked out and in love and… just generally schizophrenic.

But mostly exhausted.

You’re right in the thick of it. Totally normal. DON’T WORRY, it will get better soon(ish).


As a result of working together you’ll:

  • Learn a step-by-step process to settle a fussy baby so that your baby will be able to fall asleep more easily.

  • Have a clear understanding of how much and how frequently to feed your baby to help her sleep best.

  • Create a day-to-day routine that works great for your baby, and for you, so that you have time in your day to focus on other things.

  • Discover what infant products offer the best bang for your buck in terms of getting your baby sleeping well.

  • Know exactly how to arrange your nursery so that your baby will sleep better and longer.

  • Understand what sleeping garments work best to help your baby feel snug and comfortable. 

  • Feel confident navigating your baby’s entire first year through teething, sickness, travel and other inevitable sleep disrupters.


We’ll meet virtually via telephone or Zoom for 30 minutes where I’ll walk you through my newborn sleep guide. This quick, easy-to-read guide gives you everything you need to know about newborn sleep. During our call, you’ll learn the best practices and techniques that will set your little one up to be an amazing long-term sleeper. I’ll also give you my undivided attention as you ask me questions about your baby’s current day to day routine. You’ll leave our call feeling confident and excited to start implementing your new knowledge.


What to Expect:

Hourly consultation

Do you have some questions about your little one’s sleep situation? Ask away! This 30 minute phone consultation is perfect for parents seeking advice on a particular area of sleep.
Please note that there is no sleep plan written out with this support package.






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Ready to do this Mama!? Let’s get Started!


Step 1:  Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult, you can do that 👉 

(Reminder: your baby must be between the ages of 6 weeks and 12 weeks to select this package and must have access to a crib or Pack 'n Play).

Step 2: Once payment is received, I’ll send you a link to schedule our newborn sleep fundamentals session.


Step 3: We’ll meet virtually and get you started on teaching your newborn to become a rockstar sleeper!


Have questions? 👉