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Pediatric Sleep Training

Toddler Sleep Consultant: Pediatric Sleep Training

Toddlers are a challenge. Especially if they're healthy and happy, they're curious and get into everything. And sometimes they have a hard time going to sleep. Much of the time, parents can work it out, but sometimes it helps to have the aid of a toddler sleep consultant. Someone who has pediatric sleep training has a background in a myriad of new child development techniques and tools to help toddlers learn how to develop a sleep routine.

Our philosophy at Hello Sleepyhead is to implement gentle sleep methods and techniques that fit the needs of your family. Parents get pediatric sleep training from a certified sleep consultant who helps develop tools and provide guidance so everyone can get some rest. A toddler sleep consultant has specific training enabling them to assess a child's sleep habits and provide a customized plan to assist parents in reaching the sleep goals they set for their child. Toddlers are all different, and depending on the child, sleep training may take quite a bit of persistence. But pediatric sleep training with a toddler sleep consultant can help.

Janelle Drew is a certified toddler sleep consultant and a leading expert in creating healthy sleep habits for newborns, toddlers, and preschoolers. She provides on-going support throughout the entire process—all the ups and downs, she'll help every step of the way. The best part? The sleep habits that you help your child develop with pediatric sleep training will last a lifetime because you're helping them develop healthy sleeping habits. When you work with a toddler sleep consultant, you can even plan for milestones in your child’s life that can impact sleep, including nap transitions or moving to a big kid’s bed.

Would you like a personalized consultation to overcome common sleep challenges? If you’re searching for pediatric sleep training from a toddler sleep consultant, get in touch today, and let's make a plan.

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